Privacy Policy

We only know what you voluntarily tell us. You can delete your account at any time from your profile page. If you delete your account we will delete all of your data - save for the data regarding any purchases you may have made on our site as required for tax reporting.

We do not show ads. We do not collect or aggregate data to assist advertisers. We do not sell or provide your data to 3rd party organizations. The only exception to that is our software engineering stack - where 3rd party providers such as Gigalixir, Stripe, and Postmark host our software and/or your data.

We will send transactional email when necessary for system functions such as resetting a password. We do not send marketing email and as such we do not have a way to opt out of messages except to cancel your account.

We will make every effort to ensure information stored here is secure and will repost any known data breach within 72 hours. That said -- it's important to note that we do not use end-to-end encryption and we do intend to comply with any and all legal US warrants.

If you have any questions - email taglockr@patterntoaster.com.