About Us

We're a small team in Philly building the social content curation tool we wanted. Currently - we're building this tool for ourselves... but we think this tool probably has value to a lot of different audiences -- so we're preparing the system for others to use.

This project started with the idea that, while each of us had multiple interests, our audiences generally don't share in all of those interests. We wanted a platform with social media-like features where we could post to topic-based threads and then let people follow the threads they wanted to see. Next we wanted the ability to have both personal and public feeds in the same interface -- with our personal only viewable by us. The we implemented small group features to allow us the ability to form cliques and curate feeds of content together together.

Up next are some enhanced post-type fetaures - improving our ability to format our posts and add meta data to them. We're pretty excited about this part.

This project is currently in an "alpha" state - meaning we're allowing a small group of people we know to join and try things out while we build. Once we reach beta we'll open the site up for new users to sign up for a monthly fee.

More soon.